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Look what the Lord has done!

September 30th

Jamie – Our God is the God of miracles! Last month I was really struggling to make ends meet. I was already working two jobs but it wasn’t enough. I was thinking about getting a third job and praying about that and the financial needs I had. A short time after this, I found out from my main job that they had run out of funding and that the following week my pay would go down by two days per week and at the end of the month I would lose my job altogether. I also found out that some financial help I was getting from back home was also going to come to an end! I was like, “God, what’s happening?!? I asked for help because I was already struggling and now I have lost my job and financial support!” But as I was praying about it I had such a sense of peace and encouragement to keep trusting God. I was reminded of swine prophetic words I had received at the church prayer ministry time and that God was going to do something and had a better plan for me! As the month moved on, I was so busy working two jobs and looking after young children that I was finding it really hard to look for a new job at the same time, but I did my best, but the whole time God continue to give me such a sense of peace, and encourage me to trust in Him and that He was a miracle working God and He had never let me down before! Humanly speaking, I should’ve been freaking out, stressing out but I was was at peace and trusting God that He would look after me! That was His supernatural gift! As the month drew to a close and my job was about to end, I was at church and it was prayer ministry time. I thought I would go up for prayer but I had a sense that God was saying He knew what was in my heart. He knew what was my prayer request and it was okay, I could give it to Him. I stayed in my chair and felt like my prayer request had been given over to Him and it was okay and once again I felt peace and relief from my burdens! As the service drew to a close, my phone went off, and it was from my second job saying they had extra shifts for me and would I like them! I was amazed and knew that this was a reminder from God that He had seen me and received my request and would answer. This was already a start to my breakthrough even though this alone would not be enough it was a support. However, that evening I found out that we had received a massive tax rebate which would not only pay all the bills this month but would go to supporting the payment of some of next months bills too! Then the very next day my boss called me in at my main job that was ending to ask if I would be willing to stay on at a reduced pay but I would still be able to have a job there! So this month I have not lost my job I still have my job!!! Hallelujah! I had all my bills paid last month due to the surprise tax rebate, and money to help pay some bills this month! And I was able to pick up extra shifts at my second job to help! Amazing! God answered my original prayer for extra financial support! God IS THE God of miracles!!! Praise Him!

Sept 27th

JP – I’ve been praying for a specific situation for over 5 years and today the answer came!

Sept 24th

I’ve been praying for a specific job for months and I got confirmation this week I got it!

Sept 24th

I prayed last week for a job she got a job God  this week. is so good.

September 20th

Peter C. – For two days I was having lower back pain shooting down my legs I could not sit, stand or lie down for long periods of time. So I asked for prayer and as the person prayed I still felt pain yet I believe the Lord whispered to me “it is done!” It is now Wednesday and no shooting pain! Thank you Lord!

September 17th

3 people raised their hands to follow Jesus in our Sunday service and 1 online.

September 16th

Kueriesha – This week I was just promoted to being manager of the district of Ottawa at work.  I’m thanking God for this promotion

September 10th

Tai – A few Sundays ago, I came out as part of the Pastor’s call for anyone who needed to be prayed over. I asked for prayers over an interview that week. I thank God that I have been offered the job.

September 10th

Amarachi – God gave me double for my trouble. About a month ago, I came to church filled with sadness and a troubled spirit as I had been receiving a lot of rejections for all the job applications I had interviewed for. At the end of the service, I walked up to one of the prayer partners and asked that he prayed for peace of mind and for God to grant me my heart desires.

In less than 2 weeks after that sunday, I interviewed for more job openings and behold, I got 2 offers. God gave me double for my troubles and I am now left with choosing the best fit for me.

God is indeed a way maker, promise keeper and my light in the darkness… THANK YOU JESUS… HALLELUJAH

September 10th

5 people raised their hands to follow Jesus this Sunday.

September 10th

I was having stomach problems at youth and Pastor Mathias prayed for me and my stomach problem disappeared.  On Sunday morning I noticed a bit of pain and I started to worship and praise God before church and it is completely gone!

September 9th

3 Sr. Highs decided to follow Jesus on Friday night!

September 8th

I received a permanent teaching position. I was told I would have to wait many years… but by God’s grace I did not. This is a true miracle and answer to 20 years of prayer. Please know that no matter what others say follow your God given dream(s). He will make a way when there seems to be no way. I doubted so many times over 10+ years. I am blown away by his faithfulness and this has sparked a renewed awe in my relationship with Jesus.

September 4th

I requested prayer for my aunt who had been kidnapped out of country. She has been freed. I am very relieved. Praise God and thank you for your prayers.

September 3rd

6 people raised their hands indicating they wanted to follow Jesus.  This is always a miracle!

September 3rd

I’ve been filled with a sadness and heaviness for a while now and last week I received prayer and it has completely lifted.  Praise God!

September 2nd

I’m thanking God for helping me pass my board exams.  Pastor Peter prayed for me recently and God answered. Glory to God!