Bethel School of Ministry

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are called. Whether at home, at work, out with friends, or right here at church, God has called you to live out his gospel. The purpose of the Bethel School of Ministry is to help you step into every good thing God has for you. It will help you develop spiritually in Christian leadership and increase in faith and wisdom. It will also help us find you! With all of this growth, with the powerful move of the Holy Spirit unfolding before us, we need Christian leaders now more than ever. The Bethel School of Ministry encourages you to keep Jesus at the center, moving you ever closer to your potential in him, giving you tools to answer the call. Together we will grow in him and reach the world with his transforming love.

WHEN? Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at Bethel

Dates: July 3 – August 21st

CLASS : How to Read the Bible

July 3 – Pastor Rob Olson M.A.

Class 1 – Introduction
Infallibility vs Inerrancy; Understanding Translations; Languages; Authors; Literary Styles (Basic); Types of Bibles (Study, Cross Reference, Journal); Reliability

July 10 – Pastor Rob Olson M.A.

Class 2 – Context #1 How Important is Context?
What do we mean by context?; Benefit of understanding context; Problems of neglecting context; We do WE bring to the text?

July 17 – Matt Black – B.Th

Class 3 – Context #2 The Bible as We Know It
Literary Styles in more depth; Why do these matter?; The History of the Bible; The Bible against other historical texts; OT vs NT

July 21 – Matt Black – B.Th

Class 4 – Exegesis/Eisegesis…wait…what?
What are they?; Timeless principles?; The role of present culture in our interpretations; Correspondence to rest of scripture; Understanding then, now and not yet.

August 7 – Matt Black – B.Th

Class 5 – Reading Jesus Throughout
Back to OT vs NT; Where is Jesus in the OT; What about the Trinity?; Reading all of scripture with Jesus as the answer

August 14 – Matt Black – B.Th


Class 6 – Strategies for Your Time in Scripture
What should I hope to gain from Scripture?; Good/Bad Reading Strategies; Are all plans good for me to use (Bible in a year, Topical Devos); Good/Bad Application strategies (Is SOAP for everyone?)

August 21-Matt Black – B.Th

Class 7 – Resources for Your Time in Scripture/Wrap Up
Journalling, Commentaries, Lexicons, Study Bibles, etc Bible groups/studies, videos, Sunday Sermon, Small Group, finding what works for you.