Omouyi Omoike

Omouyi shares how Jesus completely changed his life when, during Med school he decided to follow Him with his whole heart.  He reminds to have faith and trust God through every situation.

Rafael & Elaine Santos

Rafael and Elaine share their story about how they met Jesus and how he has changed their lives. Your upbringing greatly impacts your life, but Jesus can heal every hurt and pain you’ve experienced. Be inspired today as they share their story.

Rafael e Elaine compartilham sua história sobre como conheceram Jesus e como ele mudou suas vidas. Sua repreensão tem um grande impacto em sua vida, mas Jesus pode curar cada mágoa e dor que você experimentou. Inspire-se hoje enquanto eles compartilham sua história.

Summer Libant

Summer shares her story about when she found Jesus’ love she realized that He is always accepting and embracing no matter what you’ve done or what you are going through. Here is a sneak peek. She is a youth leader and has just graduated from high school.

Pastor Mathias’ Story

Pastor Mathias shares his story about how became a follower of Jesus, the day he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and encourages you to know that prayer works!

Shawn & Angel’s Story

Shawn and Angel share how God brought the together and gave the strength and courage in difficult circumstances.

Augustine & Joy’s Story

His family was scattered across three nations, their property was seized and their hearts were shattered. By the grace of God they were reunited after 4 years and are thanking God for watching over them and bringing them back together.

Ric & Malinda’s Story

Ric and Malinda have an incredible story of God’s love! After a year of reading the bible, and often when high, Ric and Malinda found Jesus as their Saviour and he completely set Ric free from drug & alcohol addiction and changed Malinda’s heart and caused her to offer forgiveness to her father that abandoned her.

Kamoi’s Story

When life takes an unexpected turn, Kamoi reminds us that God is sovereign. A tumour and cyst threatened to impact the gift God gave her. She can only do what she does because of Him!

Nana’s Story

Nana shares about how heard about Jesus as a child but it wasn’t until he was in university that he really decided to follow Jesus after he met his wife who encouraged Him to really get to know Jesus. He used to be anxious about everything but now he leaves everything in God’s hands.

Sue’s Story

Sue shares how God has been faithful to her, her entire life. He called to Malawi, provided her with protection in dangerous situations, and He has remained a constant in her life even when she hit some health challenges.