Strip Club Outreach

For several years Bethel has adopted two strip clubs in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. We believe God’s heart is to bring hope to every single person. What many may not realize is that strip clubs are hubs for Human Trafficking. We work in this ministry under the covering of Fight4Freedom. Fight4Freedom is an organization that engages in fighting sex trafficking through education, outreach, aftercare and partnerships. We receive training and all our outreach guidance comes from them. Police checks and training are required.

Club Outreach is on the 4th Thursday each month at 6:30 PM – 1 hour

What does it look like?

Club outreach has two components. 1. Prayer team of men and women that join us on outreach night and pray for the team in the club. 2. The in club team goes in with gifts for the women and engages in conversation. The YA and the ADULT team are working together in a club in Ottawa. The commitment is one evening a month for one hour. Won’t you join us?