Chloe & Karlene Chinapoo

Parenting Teens/Conflict Management

Chloe accepted Christ to be her personal friend and Saviour at the tender age of 10 and was baptized at 12 years old. She’s a high school student, Rugby player, and is very thankful and proud to be part of Bethel’s Collective and Sanctuary Sr. High student ministries where she’s leading the importance of teamwork and humility. Chloe is determined to use her gifts and talents to help and encourage others to accept Christ.

Karlene is a mother, Memaw and entrepreneur, who overcame many obstacles and would not be the mother she is today without God’s grace and strength. She is also part of Bethel’s outreach and altar ministry. Karlene has a passion for helping mothers and young women, build self-confidence, by knowing and believing what God says about them, remembering they are loved and never alone.